November 19th, 2006


It's already two minutes late!

Boku ga Box-kun. (or so says Marks, but that is because she immediately commandeers the cutest character in any new fandom and thus is Page-kun).

In case you can't tell, I've been forced to watch the first episode of Akihabara@deep, and I adored it, and I want to write endless fic about Page's scarf (he's YUGI and a JE Junior, ahahahha), but my favorite was totally Box-kun and his mad street vendors skillz.

And the three second rule!~ I melted into a little puddle when I realized that rule was cross-cultural despite understanding none of the japanese except the counting.

I haven't done any jobwork, but it looks like Santa_smex might get done today at least. *crosses fingers* Although I am off to see the new James Bond movie in a few minutes, so we'll see!
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