November 24th, 2006

stealing yr duelz


My brother and I started watching my .hack//sign DVDs tonight, we watched about the first five or six, although I was sleeping through most of the last couple and will have to rewatch.

It's kind of...the buildup is rather slow. I've seen a handful of them, but they must be much farther in. Also I'm finding little quirks that I know are due to the dubbing irritating, when stuff like that never used to bother me. I've become a snob; this is not news.

But the dvds themselves look gorgeous! I was worried about picture quality because I got them for cheap from an ebay reseller, leading me to believe that they are some kind of HK bootleg despite their incredibly attractive and official-looking packaging. Some of my YGO! bootlegs have image quality issues, but these are nothing like that.

nothing can top the bootleg of the YGO! bootlegs, really. *brews them in bathtubs*
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