November 25th, 2006


Stop Eating Commoner Noodles, Lord

Bittorrent is giving me some trouble all the sudden, so I'm using Azureus for a bit *pokes it* It's much more of a resource hog than BT, which is frustrating, but it's just for the DN and D.gray-man. Is anybody else having trouble with those?

I keep wanted to do that meme where you write letters to your fandoms, but...I can't even imagine how many I would have to list. I mean, there's close to 30 that I've written in, if you count all the ones I haven't written in, geez oh man.

I finished watching Ouran yesterday while I was crocheting, and I adored the end of the series. All spoilers aside, Kyouya/Tamaki! This is a fandom where I want to write, but I see myself not being able to write fic that resolves that tension of Kyouya/Haruhi vs Tamaki/Haruhi. I think that's where a lot of my affection comes from. (also for Huni's moments of clarity ♥)

Only two more days of break! *has much work to do but ignoring it*
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