November 30th, 2006

orange means sdc

Finally, godkid number three!

the best part about sending presents to darkeyedwolf is that then I get a post with a hundred comments proclaiming that I should be dictator, and that a fandom isn't legit until I have written mpreg in it.

No seriously, you do.

In other news, the godchild is finally, FINALLY here. He was born at 4:50pm, and his name isn't quite decided yet. I got to cut the cord! It was cool. It happened so fast the mother's epidural hadn't even taken effect yet, so she technically had natural childbirth. Oops. Mommy and baby are just fine.

Godkid one is very excited (and informed us in no uncertain terms that it is HER baby) and godkid two is just upset about the loss of his mommy's lap.
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