December 2nd, 2006

gay apparel

Snow doing crunches under my boots

While driving, my mother and I catch sight of a house with a huge, inflatable...thing in front of it. the thing is all white, except for a blue face, and is holding a star up. It is easily eight feet tall.

me: "what the hell is that?"
mother: *peers as we approach* "OH! I know what that is! It's the abdominal snowman!"
me: "the...did you just say abdominal snowman?!" *tears rolling down cheeks*
Car: *swerves wildly*

In other news, I once again pimp my advent posting of Aim for the Sky! fic, because today there is twincest, in which Yutaka is randomly and unexpectedly possessive.

back to crocheting! *crafty* sociofemme did you get your thing yet?
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