December 9th, 2006


Going Nativity

4 pm = still have written nothing. However, did try to set up the Nativity scene that goes on the piano.

Mother: "This wise man doesn't stand up straight, so i'm rubber banding him to the camel."
Me: "Can't you just lean him up against the shed?"
Mother: "No! The wise men aren't there yet! It's not Christmas yet!"
Me: "But you have the baby Jesus in there already!"
Mother: "Oh yeah, we'll have to hide him." *drops him behind the manger*
Me: "Great, now Mary is an unfit mother. Why doesn't Joseph's stick fit in his hands right?"
Mother: "His stick broke last year, so I just stuck a different stick in there."
Me: "Like any old stick? From outside? I think you need a new Nativity."
Mother: "I've only had this one a few years! Although it did come from Wal-mart. Oh, the heck with it, I'm sticking baby Jesus back in the Manger! He's a very white baby Jesus."
Me: "well, he did come from Wal-mart."

Also note my brand spanking new icon presento from my Mystery S_S writer.
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