December 10th, 2006


21st w-inds. single!

New w-inds. single! *POUNCES* It's so pretty and sad! This is going to be a good PV, i can just feel it!

(this better be a good PV)

(although honestly Trial grew on me the more i watched it and now i really adore both the song and the PV)

THIS IS THE SOUND OF ME ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING. well, i cleaned the rat cage and went to wal-mart and my xmas shopping is almost done, but no crocheting or writing or school work happened, and it's already 6pm! how did that happen!

I feel like my weekends are only one day long, because i spend all sunday just dreading the next day.

(and maybe recovering from watching a bunch of at 3 am, and this is going to be an awesome series because it already made me cry, but also that kind of series where they can't get anything done in a single episode)

I guess i better try working on advent today. I did plot all the rest of them out though, so it shouldn't be too hard to bang them out as i need them.

(i hope so, because the very last one is going to be ridiculously long and also i owe a few people giftfic and there's some giftfic i wouldn't mind writing even though i already sent that person something)

(this parenthetical statement is completely superfluous)