December 12th, 2006



more strange presents to be in the mail soon. We likes causing trouble, precious, yesssssss.

I was at the wal-mart purchasing godkid toys, when I acquired two new My Little Ponies, one of which is named Starflower! jpegasus, i'm pretty sure it's the new version of the one you had! Although it isn't a unicorn in this incarnation, it is blue and has rainbowy hair. If i hadn't already mailed you your junk...

Re: AftS! advent: Tomorrow I have slated for Tsukada/Tachiki, but have nothing specific planned. Suggestions? Prompts? I'm looking at you, Haru-kun (and maybe Pond).

PS--there completely needs to be art of the nameless freshman in his green sweatshirt, giving Tachiki the finger if at all possible. Mouses wish they possessed the ability to art, yus.

ETA: I FORGOT. Adium is fixed! no more kicking me off all the time! something seems to be wrong with YM file transfer, but aim file transfer seems to be kicking again. Someday it will all work correctly, really.
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The Maru-man Rings Twice

w-inds. calendar yaaaaaaaaaay. I love when Keita is all possessive. *clears throat*

Er, but how the hell did I build up 550 frequent buyer points? The last thing i bought was just THANKS and the AKFG album. Hunh. oh well, 5$ back for me!

Speaking of random international purchases, so I bought some presents for my dad/brothers off, and one of them was out of stock. Well, it finally came today, but not only did it come with some promotional tissues (no seriously, like plain white tissues, and wtf japan), it also came with a second one of something i'd already received.

...WOOHOO. *owns random sexual T-shirt*
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stop crunching!

when I get to 1, one of us explodes

I am constantly amazed at how something that could be as cool as On Demand could be, is really just the worst thing ever most of the time.

For instance: I would like to see a rock countdown, or hell, even a top-40-ish countdown, right now, while i'm sitting here, cause the music channels never actually PLAY music.

Don't you think a top 20 countdown would be something On Demand might reasonably deal in? No. after digging around for twenty minutes in a string of menus that make NO FUCKING SENSE, I finally arrive at a place that lists about a million videos, but you have to play them one at a time.

that's click through a bunch of screens, watch some stupid ad, watch the video, watch another stupid ad, start all over. This is TERRIBLE. Who the hell designed this crap?

The only thing that's even halfway useful is the free movies, that are all mostly older movies, which I suspect we only enjoy because my dad and I both delight in terrible movies from the 80s.
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