December 13th, 2006


Change is Bad

The update window is all different again. nooooooooo, stop changing things! *irritated* My userpic and date and time are all in different spots, and i have to click away to change the time and stuff. Sigh.

ngh, so tired. I've been staring at the advent fic file for like twenty minutes, but i'm pretty sure I won't get anything written today. Today should be the halfway point, though! So I'm doing pretty good so far, maybe even a little better than last year, since I was doing finals about this time then. But then again I did have that swank library job where i just played on my laptop for hours at a time.

Tomorrow is friday for me *so happy* and I'm hoping to get the last of the Christmas presents mailed out in the next couple days, after a certain trip to Lancaster on Friday. Woohoo!
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