December 24th, 2006


The True Meaning of Christmas

as least in my house, is freaking sweet baloney cream cheese rolls.

You get sliced sweet baloney (if you live somewhere in the world where sweet baloney is not readily available, you have my deepest sympathies), then you spread cream cheese all over one side and roll it up, then cut it into five-six pieces (six is best because then you always say "this one on the end is sort of stupid so i'll JUST EAT IT").

And then you eat two billion of them with those little plastic pirate sword toothpicks. CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. ♥

and also there are wings and cream cheese brownies and a cheese ball and randomly southwest fajita mix (?) and Mike's hard lemonade, and if you think that all of that doesn't all go together then you are a sorely mistaken.

Happy holidays to everybody on my flist and all of yours, and hopefully if i owe you a present yet it'll happen shortly, after the AftS! advent fic finishes up tonight or tomorrow
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