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Harry Potter news everywhere

So i ran across an awesome article here that includes an interveiw with "sirius" in which he says he's tattooed in the movie. TATTOOED! All. Over. His. BODY!!!! *fans self*

Also, there was a note of interest in the news section of the third news bit down is about the length of GoF, which is apparently going to start filming in April. I'd much rather they do it that way than have a two-parter. and Emma and Dan are definately back! WOO!

I also just saw the cover of Advocate with Hugh Jackman on it. Now, I am the first person to say that we should trust JKR and their casting and their costuming, can you say that THIS MAN should not be playing Sirius?!

For once, my brother is right. Wolverine does win again. (but he's GAY so TAKE THAT, BOY!)
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