January 5th, 2007

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I Wish the Goblins Would Come and Take You Away

Since I bought and read Return to Labyrinth the other day, now I'm watching the real Labyrinth. It turns out that i don't own this for real! *sad* Instead I just own a taped copy that is all warbly from being watched too much, joining the ranks of all the other movies i watched the tapes of until they stretched all out (Fifth Element, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Stargate, Velvet Goldmine, etc.)

I should fix that. I really need to upgrade a bunch of my movies to DVD.

Mostly what i used to love about this movie, aside from the muppets and the songs and the David freaking Bowie, is the fact that the girl's name is Sarah (spelled 'wrong,' but since i probably could barely read the first time i saw this, who cared?)

but I still go "Ooooh!" when there's contact juggling. So cool! And Jennifer Connelly is so young!

There should be a movie with Jin and Pi and muppets, but the sheer amount of synthetic fabric and fur necessary for that endeavor would probably collapse the economy of at least one country.
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