January 6th, 2007

mangaka at work

Fic, Steady Study, Douzo Yoroshiku

Steady Study is a one-shot manga by Yamato Nase, about a ronin student named Tsuruta Shinji who is trying to study for the Tourin entrance exams, and how he gets involved with another guy named Iijima, who seems like he's a working class slacker, but turns out to actually BE a Tourin student. It's sweet and funny, and a good amount of hot too.

You can download the scanlation here, from Hochuuami. Hey, if it's a good enough one-shot to get fic out of me, it's worth a read, right?

Title: Douzo Yoroshiku (Please Take Care of Me) [Iijima/Shinji]
Rating/Warnings: R for repeated molesting of a boyfriend in the middle of the night.
Summary: Iijima is trying very hard not to screw up his chance to be Shinji's senpai.
AN: Bespectacled students and cooks with ponytails don't have to work too hard to get fic out of me. This manga has come up a few times on yaoi_daily, and I always love it.

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