January 27th, 2007


Unpimp Zhe Auto

If you haven't seen the new Volkswagon "Unpimp Your Auto" ads, omfg so hilarious. Here's all three:

I: You Get an F

II: Let Me Hear You Say Vut

III: Time to Unpimp Zhe Auto

It's the sheer glee with which the guy says "It's Time to Unpimp...zhe auto!" that makes me crack up every freaking time these ads come on.

In other news of hilarity, my Newtype has the list of anime's most dysfunctional couples for Valentine's Day, and Yuuri/Wolfram is on the list! I am full of fangirl glee for Newtype.

Only six of you want Valentines in the mail? *makes a very sad mouse face*
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Momoshiro's voice isn't too bad after a few minutes, but then he started listing the roster and was all "TeZOOka" and "Oh-EE-shi" and that's when my lower lip started to wibble.

STOPPIT. Say them RIGHT YOU FOOLS. Although the first name disease has not struck yet. Who's watching ahead and can tell me whether we're safe or not?

ALSO: Photoshop is suddenly having this strange problem where all my fonts look all jagged and terrible. What the hell? Restarting the program effects nothing.

Can someone explain how that might be fixed? It looks like i'm back to using freaking appleworks.
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