January 30th, 2007



So i was dicking around on Youtube (what else is new) and somehow I ended up at this guy's profile, who takes a bunch of Kingdom Heart's footage and uses other random audio.

Including Dane Cook.

Sora and the Friend Nobody Likes had me cracking up, and Sora and Burger King is also awesome, because of who they have doing the drive through voices.

Here's the rest of his stuff, although the KH Stupid files have a certain amount of repetition, they're pretty funny if you only do a couple at a time. 2 and 4 cracked me up.

The opening of KH2 ports to the Hamster Dance disturbingly well, is all i'll say about that.
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dumbledore hat

Whangdoodle Hunt

Bizarre fic-hunting question:

Quite some time ago, i read a very good Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fic that had to do with Charlie making Wonka candy snow for Christmas. It was several parts long, and I believe I read it on ff.net, or another site that does chapters in the same way.

I must have been sent there by somebody else, but now I can't dig up either the rec or the fic itself. Anybody have any idea what i'm talking about?
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