February 10th, 2007


Things I Learned Today

1. Mailing regular envelopes to other countries (Australia, Japan, Canada) is less than a dollar.

2. However, if your dubiously crocheted valentine is too thick to go through the sorting machine, that's a 13 cent charge :)


4. But Tego is not a member of Arashi.

5. Three hours of sleep is not sufficient prior to babysitting three children (ages 2 months, 20 months, and 3 years). Letting them drink your tea out of a straw is also a poor, poor plan.

6. the giant pimple on my face had in fact crossed the line to boil. What the HELL, body. Ew.

7. I apparently cannot nap today, because i will simply wake up coughing ten minutes later :(
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hopelessly deadlocked

fic, Arashi, Tego Is Not In This Picture

SO YESTERDAY. darkeyedwolf made me watch all the Arashi PVS, and then sent me a link to test my identification skills which PURPORTEDLY had Arashi pictures, but when i scrolled down a few pictures and said "that one there is Jun right?" she was like "AHAHAAHAH THAT'S TEGO FROM NEWS."

So I wrote fic where Aiba feels my pain.

Title: Tego Is Not In This Picture [Jun/Aiba]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for hysterical boyband members.
Summary: Aiba insists that this is NOT JUN.
AN: darkeyedwolf, I hate you. A lot. as much as Ohno hates Nino.

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