February 13th, 2007


Snow Day...sort of

We got out a couple hours early today because of the snow, which is great, but if the whole day is cancelled tomorrow, we won't get off on Friday, which does not please me.

I completely lost my voice last night, which meant i was talking to people with blue pieces of paper and a black marker all day. And I kept forgetting and going to do things like change my phone message, and...no. It's funny how that won't matter at all to any of you, because online.

But I put a cd of Arashi music in my car today and ♥♥♥ Sakura Sake has completely become my favorite song, because of lyrics like "there's somebody singing in front of the station, and it's a song that you love."

I wish american music was half so...happy? cute? full of working hard-ness? I can't quite put my finger on the quality that I find lacking when I turn on the radio (other than 'good' around here because omfg radio suck).

But I do know that nothing on the radio this morning, at 7 am driving to the job with no voice in the snow to be abused by teenagers all day, could have made me bounce in my seat like Sakura Sake and Sunrise Nippon did this morning.
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