February 15th, 2007


Changmin Has Gotten #1 For Watching Special Videos

No work again today~! YATTA. Just keep snowing baby. it's really ridiculous how all the tension leaves my body as soon as I don't have to show up at the job.

I am having DBSK (or whatever the hell their name really is) pimped at me, and I have to admit that they do have the sexy, sexy PVs. on the other hand, I absolutely cannot remember their names.

Not like usual, where I can't tell the guys apart, but I can at least list my options? For some reason, because they're names are Korean, I just cannot get my brain to hang on to them! I had no idea that my mental saturation of foreign names was totally limited to Japanese only.

Watch as I fail:

Arashi: Ohno, Nino, Aiba, Jun, and Sho (roughly ten seconds, I blanked out on Sho).

DBSK: Jae-...something (Draco), Yunho, Chang-...(the one who looks like ryu), Jonsha...or Junsha..., and...that...last guy...the one with manboobs? Or did i already name him. Man, what is my PROBLEM. (at least 30 seconds, to come up with that sort of crap).*

Sigh. Anyway. gmail is still eating my comments.

*The correct answers, if you wanted to know, are Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. Maybe typing it a bunch of times will help.
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