February 23rd, 2007

deep thoughts

Special Winter Seasonal Flavor EXCLUSIVE

And then somehow I ordered $30 worth of pocky? Green Tea and Berry Mousse. yesssssss. God bless you, jlist.com.

the hard drive is in desperate straights after being pimped into two bands at once, so I am burning stuff off. Unfortunately for me, Toast seems to have had enough of me already. And I need to get another really big CD booklet to hold all the stuff

I read Gravitation EX finally, and it's glorious. The new series is going to be just as good as the old one, i can tell already. All the cheapass Death Note vols I got from Rightstuf came today too. I have no more space ANYWHERE -.-

Sometimes i think about what i did before the internet. Other than have no friends and listen to whatever crap was on the actual radio, and watch whatever crap was on the actual TV. *shudders*
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