February 27th, 2007

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Not That Sort of Fantasy, You Perverts

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I have dorky fantasies. Lately, though, they've been featuring some online friends, which is...it's odd. Because i don't have many close RL friends, this is the first time I've ever known a bunch of people that I really, really like, not just proximity-like, and would actually want to leave my house or go distances to see, rather than be dragged out of my room with utter reluctance.

So now I have daydreams where i plot things like these:

*throwing rocks at marksykins's window in the middle of the night until she sneaks out, and then we go to the all-night pancake place, but mostly just drive around aimlessly and blather on about how cool anime is.

*showing up at prillalar's house with the next couple seasons of South Park (and maybe some cheese so she will let me in the door) and watching episodes until our eyes bleed. And then maybe switching over to the best of Kamen Rider. (marks you can come too).

*Getting together with Tabris, Jemz, Shabz, and Wolf, and watching the Ageha tour DVD on a huge-screen TV with surround sound. Because that is the only way it will be louder than us screaming. Time Machine.

*The only reason storyteller isn't included in that last list is because I have special plans for an all weekend lockdown where we order lots of pizza and flail over every single w-inds., DBSK, KAT-TUN, and Arashi PV that I possess, and then investigate some new stuff together, and I get to see the keysmashing in person. and then we make icons.

*I have like 35 fantasies that involve goldie at this point, because this summer means some of them are actually possible. Like going into swanky yarn stores and being tools, or doing the free Chocolate World ride over and over just to get the free sample, or maybe just exchanging foreign junk food items. I'M A SIMPLE WOMAN.

*I had one in here about crashing on musesfool's couch and getting tattoed and then watching a Homicide or West Wing or Supernatural or whatever other kind marathon...but that's already...happened. So. Uhm, generic staying too late at a restaurant and then ice cream and tv, yes? Yes. I will even be on time this time! maybe.

You'll notice how a lot of these sound like bad dates you were on in junior high...I have others, but I think I'll just stop now...

you should comment with your similarly dorky fantasies, and I will tell you if I have one about you that is not mentioned here.
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