March 10th, 2007

mouse doom

There is News and There is Other News

Good news: New layout! goldie let me use the Chinko Fairy banner since she switched to another one.


Bad news: the Quite Lickable style is the only one that lets you stick a header easily in. There are two problems with this:

1. There is no division between journal entries. Nnngh.

2. Far more annoying, i can't see the colors i've assigned to people on my flist, and worse, the usernames aren't by the icons. I can't tell anybody apart, and that option to make your flist layout different isn't an option any more. Waah!

Sigh, anybody got an easy solution to either thing? The flist thing especially i feel is not going to be tolerable very long. Someday i will just learn CSS.

ETA: we just dug up the header CSS for Flexible Squares instead. Division! Colors! perfect.
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