March 14th, 2007


w-inds. Anniversary Fic, Better to Give

Six whole years of w-inds.! It seems almost impossible that this:

has turned into this:

Keita, Ryohei, and Ryuichi: no band can ever dig their way into my heart as deeply as you have with your cute and your growing up and your improving all the time and your best friendship and your BEING UTTER DORKS and your suddenly getting so sexy it's amazing. Keep changing, always, for another six years and longer. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Title: Better To Give [Ryuichi/Ryohei/Keita]
Rating: PG-13 for abuse of coincidental White Day.
Summary: Ryuichi really likes giving presents, because Ryohei and Keita really like giving them back.
AN: Wolf, Tabris, Shabz, and Jemz: it wouldn't be the same without you ♥~♥.

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