March 21st, 2007

kill myself with anime

We Call a Day Like That Wednesday

oh good, we've gone from the part where i just hate everything, to the part where anything can make me cry.

today 'anything' happened to involve a trip to Rita's for ice, which i don't even really like, and then it was freaking freezing while we stood in line (it's free ice day) and i only said i'd go along in the first place because i needed to go to Radioshack too, but then my mom was all "noooo, that radioshack isn't there any more, but there's one by the other Rita's" which i'm sure you can guess THERE COMPLETELY IS NOT.

and then there was the 'while we're out can you just run me by the grocery store i only need like six things it'll take five minutes' which of course took in fact 40 minutes while i sat in the car and then ended up unloading a dozen bags of groceries.

and i could have guessed that every single one of those things would happen, because that sequence of events occurs when you let my mother talk you into things like every other week, so really there was no need for crying. Not that that stopped me.
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