March 28th, 2007

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Tennis? Hell yeah, Tennis.

While watching PoT OVA 12 and 13 tonight, i was reminded that what i love about most shounen series is watching people do things they love, love more than anything else in the whole world. In Hikaru no Go it's Go, in Death Note it's having battles of wits, in One Piece it's being part of a crew.

In PoT, obviously, it's tennis, and the best thing ever is watching Ryoma stand on a court and just radiate* how much he loves playing. I love how this is a show about growth and change, how at the beginning of the series Ryoma really didn't get loving tennis, and now he does.

I think this also has a lot to do with how PoT is so pairings-various, because virtually any two characters in the show can have the following exchange:

Character A: "Tennis?" *holds out fist*
Character B: "Fuck yeah, tennis." *fistbops*

*and i don't mean radiate in the gay golden pair sense either, although in some cases it's applicable.

In other news, roddick :( not like the sony tournament is hot shit, but still. I'd have much rather watched a real match between him and Murray.

ETA: have just realized that the brand of DVD i have the Rikkai Arc burned onto says "FOR DATA" on it. ahahahahaha DORKLOVE.
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