May 3rd, 2007


Friends Who Happen To Be the Internets Day

Yesterday the Flist brought me a cache of amazing shiny things *_*

First was prillalar, who put up the long-awaited AftS! fic: Loser [Sato/Asakawa]. It's HILARIOUS and perfect, and full of Sato wibbling and Asakawa being a total whore, but most of all it's about the Seigaku lacrosse team in all their flailing beginner glory, and how they suddenly become a team in stops and starts.

Why aren't you all reading Aim for the Sky!? If Marks, Hal, and I are writing it (and Laylah, and Pond, and...), how can you think this is not glorious? Start at Hal's fic; i guarantee you'll want more after.

Next, swtjemz, who has been patiently enduring my Shoonflail, wrote me In the Spotlight [Shoon/Jin], about where exactly Shoon learned that hipthrust from. oh, LOVE. COME JOIN THE Y3 REVOLUTION.

(the real truth is that I did not in any way beat jemz, I just snuck my ficlet in while she was driving home from work to post because i felt it would be shameful if as the leader of the Y3 Revolution, I didn't post the first fic *is a total jerk*)

Finally, there was A Band Called Fish [Bruno/Boots, Bugs/Adam] by calathea, which is the Korman Rock Band AU. It's so sweet and perfect, and Bruno has awesome T-shirts and Boots is so love with him that any idiot can see (except Bruno, obviously). Also, did i mention they are in a Canadian Rock Band?!

Internets, never leave me.
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