May 11th, 2007

mouse doom

Nothing Interesting to Say

Every time i see a new Mac vs PC ad, 1) I laugh my freaking ass off, and 2) I want badly to write fiction about how Mac and PC are best friends and Mac hugs PC without warning sometimes and what freaks PC out the most is how much he likes it so he tells Mac to stoppit and don't do it any more.

My brother has become completely addicted to yogurt-covered raisins. He's on his fourth five box today. There's like a carton of them on the table, as though he were addicted to cigarettes. But raisins.

I'm spending my time ripping the sound of Ya-Ya-Yah songs off lives one a time. I found long versions of a lot of them, so I am v happy. I'll be sure and upload when I think i've got everything good (havin' a hard time getting a good version of Hikaru's Egoist solo specifically, and a few other random things).

but i did find the long version of Te wo Tsunaide Yukou, which i've decided is my favorite. \O/\O/\O/\O/
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