May 18th, 2007


Shoe Miracle!

I went to buy shoes for sociofemme's wedding, and as soon as i walked in the door there was a random rack of clearance shoes. At eye level was a single pair of Rocketdog sneakers, dark brown with elastic thingers instead of laces, and a velcro strap.

They fit perfectly. $15!

This NEVER happens to me, cause one foot is a full inch shorter than the other and both are wide. SO HAPPY. I won't take them off! *flexes feet happily*

I'm so happy it's Friday, because omg summer cannot come fast enough. I realized this week that i've started yanking my hair, like some sort of mental case. I get a finger twisted in a chunk of it, and then i just sort of keep twisting, without realizing it >.<;;;

I'm up in the fifties of Naruto, and I love Akamaru best of all. Possibly not what they were intending. and suddenly Lee too! I adore Lee, where i was expecting to disklike him continuously.
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