May 20th, 2007


The Sci-Fi Channel is a Cocktease

Hey! There was a Heroes marathon when i went to bed, and now it's not on anymore! What happened to 21 hours of catching up! Sci-Fi, you cocktease.

I watched the first five last night Collapse )

In other news, my mother just came upstairs to announce that she was making egg bake, and that we're never going to get rid of all the sausage that's in our freezer (long story).

Mom: We need to have a sausage party!
Me: " a...fest?"
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mouse doom

I Hate It When I Am a N00b

Stupid question: I want to rip the audio off avi files. I know that something on my computer does this, because googling doesn't really turn up anything that does that specifically on mac, which almost always means it's something my computer already does and I just don't know about it.

I've been using Wiretap Pro to do it, but that's not ripping the sound, it's just re-recording it from my speakers.

I know that Quicktime Pro does it, but I just have the regular kind, and I'm not really burning to buy it since the next time it updates itself I'll just have to buy it again.

Something in iLife must do it. Suggestions?
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