May 26th, 2007

oh noes desu

Random Naruto Linguistic Question

More than half of Naruto's sentences end in "(da)te baiyou!" What is that? Is that just one of those personal lingual tics that doesn't mean anything (like when Ryuichi on Gravitation adds 'nano da!' to the ends of his sentences)? Or does it actually mean something apart from being ridiculously overused, like "dane" or "desu" in PoT?

I wonder if that's what the dub translates as "believe it!" Certainly, it's equally annoying now that I've noticed it.

In other news, Shikamaru is so my low-motivation boyfriend (although his "mendokuse!" is starting to wear on my nerves just as much. once every five minutes is plenty, Shika-tan).
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