May 29th, 2007

come to hell

Bring Out Yer Dead

Just about every single day, my mother and I have the following exchange:

Mother: "You need to stop staying up so late on the internet."
Me: "No way. It's like the only thing in my day that makes me genuinely happy."

Today, LJ, you are definitely not being that thing like I very clearly need you to be. Please go back to normal now. I do emo just about as well as Peter Parker, but I did enact a pretty emo purge of my lj bio and interests. None of mine were even suspicious, but I was just too tired to deal.

But like i always say, no matter what is going on, there is always at least one person on my flist exploding with love about something.

I go now to cuddle my fattest rat and watch ninjas so i can write terrible immoral stories about them and their forbidden jutsus.

ps-does anybody know of a mac lj backup program? ljbook is (unsurprisingly) down for now.
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