June 12th, 2007

abunai yo

A Girl and Her Beagle

I'm home from VT! Just in time for a ridiculously wicked thunderstorm.

On the way home I watched up to 125 of Naruto. Rock Lee is an angry drunk! That's the best thing EVER. also KIBA. SO CUTE KIBA.

And I'm downloading the 6/10 Shounen Club because I've decided that I'm going to start watching it. This will no doubt end up with me knowing way more juniors than I should, but on the other hand perhaps I will know when new things happen.

also Atobe is going to the vet tomorrow because he's got a weird squishy lump, but i think it's just a bite that got infected or something. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, and hopefully he'll just get some antibiotics. I have work training but qwejibo is taking him.

Also have i mentioned the 70 lb beagle is afraid of thunderstorms and feels it is necessary to claw me while they occur?
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