June 18th, 2007


Fic, JE, Pi-tousan Day

Title: Pi-tousan Day [Yamapi/Jin]
Rating/Warnings: PG for unmitigated sap.
Summary: Jin came by with a surprise for Yamapi.
AN: For Father's Day! Which they don't have in Japan so far as I know, but pffft, they don't have Gackt-chan either, so *shrug*

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come to hell

Cue Panic

I just booked my flights for August. ALL SIX OF THEM.

Newark-->Toronto-->San Francisco-->Osaka-->San Francisco-->San Jose-->Atlanta-->Philadelphia

What amused me most was that when i went to check out at Orbitz, they still had my mother's credit card in there from the last time i flew via them. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise? "You don't remember putting [exorbitant amount of money omg]$ on your card? how funny!"

Seriously. We are talking new powerbook sorts of money *cringes*

I really enjoyed picking my seats with the little people icons. Especially because I knew which one was Marks on the flight to Toronto. "Look, that one is sitting all alone! Awww, it needs an ETERNAL RIVAL."

I'm going to be missing for like all of August. GET EXCITED.
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