June 24th, 2007


Too Late For Mii

Wii = so much fun, I'm totally sold. And we were just playing the sports games! Tennis and Bowling were both really fun to do in a group, and I liked the homerun game too.

Wallet = totally missing. hopefully it's just jammed down in my wii-owning friend's couch. son of a BITCH.

ETA: Wallet found, indeed jammed in the couch. We couldn't find it because the wallet was the same color as the couch. But I am going back tonight to pick it up and play more wii!
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omg stfu


well, as usual, something that should be fun and easy turns out to absorb a half hour of my life with no result in the end.

I have a Samsung SGH-x497 phone, and I'm trying to get a ringtone on it that I can actually tolerate to listen to. I can get it uploaded to a spot where i might download it, but it keeps saying "file too large" which is kind of ridiculous since at this point the file is 20 seconds long, mono, 8 bit, and 300k. it ain't gettin any smaller.

My phone has more than 2000k free. Does anybody have any help for this?

I off to retrieve my wallet and play more wii. grrrrr.
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