June 29th, 2007

starfruits are wrinkled assholes

But I Was Notarized

I got my keys to my new apartment today, and we moved exactly nothing.

in fact, the only thing we did accomplish was building half of the wall unit. and spending $60 at Borders.

Lo, the fail of mousapi is vast and endless.

on the other hand, my brother has been writing a paper for like 36 hours now (it's due at midnight) and he's been drinking red bull the whole time, which apparently has done some damage to his body, because he tried to fart on his friend, and then made a noise like "oooooooooohgod" and started rolling on the ground clutching his ass.

so my mother unearths some medicated wipes from the bathroom cabinet which involve witch hazel or something, and my brother shoves one halfway up his ass and just goes back to writing. It's been an hour since it happened, and I still cannot stop laughing.

plus now i get to use the BEST ICON EVER.
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