July 17th, 2007

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It's Completely Unnessary To Start Something New

Okay, look here, brain.

You and I both know you can finish fics. This is why I have some uncountable number of stories on my website, which needs a serious revamp for the third time.

So it is completely unacceptable for you to continue starting fics and then abandoning them.

Exhibit A: Pin during a blackout (439 words)

Exhibit B: DBSK fighting over popcorn (429 words)

Exhibit C: Ya-Ya-Yah screwing up their beach photoshoot (1008 words)

Exhibit D: Junsu failing utterly to dance (318 words)

Exhibit E: Kiba helping Hinata win Naruto (0 words, but you are PLOTTING DAMMIT).

STOPPIT. FINISH SOMETHING. or i swear to god i will electro-shock therapy your ass. I will so do it.

This afternoon we are going to starbucks, and something will get finished, goddammit, or you'll have had your last green tea frappuccino.
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Fic, DBSK, Step By Step (The Slo-Mo Remix)

Title: Step By Step (The Slo-Mo Remix) [Yunho/Junsu]
Rating/Warnings: R because elastic = Yunho's friend.
Summary: Junsu thinks this dance is retarded, and Yunho takes matters into his own hands.
AN: Okay, so, finally finished something. Hooray! For ranalore, who writes cuteomgputhiminmypocket Junsu. And also for swtjemz who came up with this prompt in the first place.

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