July 25th, 2007


Seishun Amigo

I haven't been around much, because I am finally moved! If by moved you mean, have an apartment full of boxes of junk. and i can't find my ipod cord.

I went down to Baltimore today and hung out with goldie, maxine_chan, nickelodeon, waka_lake, chasingwhispers, and tehlils. We had lunch at an irish pub, took a duck tour, and then watched a bunch of Prince of Tennis.

Everyone was so nice *_* and Maxie played j-pop in the car! which shouldn't shock me, but...IT WAS GLORIOUS. It was so much fun! I love hanging out with fannish people. And also I cannot apparently tell the difference between Momoshiro and Oishi.

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mouse doom

Good Mail Day

I got the necklace, firedraygon97! thank you so much!

And also two volumes of Death Note arrived. I ordered the last four, and apparently Rightstuf felt it was necessary to mail every. single. one. separately.

Work on the "Mission Get Naruto's Attention" fic continues apace. I'm almost done with scheme one.

The rats have been moved to the living room for while I am missing, and they are not pleased to say the least. rats, like mouses, do not like change. We want routine! We want consistency! We want froot loops!

What? Mouses like froot loops too.
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