July 27th, 2007

bang a drummer

Mousapi Rides The Subway

I'm off to NYC for the weekend, where i am under strict orders to go to the Kino's very first thing OMG.

This involves me riding the subway alone, and those of you who know about me and going places alone are making the sad face because I will probably never be seen again.

PS-the new ONE OK ROCK pv and single is up on one_ok_rock! *_* they sound different every time.
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Safe At the Pod Hotel

Doumo, Mousapi desu! All last night Mousapi could not sleep for excitement *_* Instead, she was thinking of what she should pack and where she would go in New York! For once, she would be perfectly~ prepared and not forget a single thing

In the car , Mousemama asked if Mousapi had written down the address of the hotel. Shimatta! >.<

But still, Mousapi made the train on time and got a window seat And surely Maxie-chan and Goldie-kun will know what they are doing when they at last arrive!

And then! A brilliant discovery There was a plug beside my seat! The long separation from the Powerbook was over! It was only 45 minutes…

Unfortunately, Mousapi drank too much green tea this morning and so had to use the train toilet. The light was not on , so she opened the door

OH NO a man had not latched the door properly and was surprised to find Mousapi inside with him! O.o;;;; ^///^ Mousapi ran out, but on the inside had a "aren't you even smart enough to lock the door" sort of feeling

Then, instant karma: Mousapi could not lock the door properly either _._ It seems it's not a matter of intelligence after all…

Ah! Jemz-chan has just called! She also wanted to ask complicated questions about Mousapi's plans…mou, don't the nakama-tachi ever learn It's like they don’t know Mousapi at all…honto zannen…

At any rate, Mousapi is determined to arrive safely and keep a "It's okay if I get lost a little" kind of feeling. That's the fun of travel , ne? Ganbarimasu!

Ja, minna <3 !
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