July 28th, 2007



I got some pocky at the Kino yesterday, and the only flavor i recognized on the front was peach. After we got back to the hotel, I looked up the rest of the stuff on the box.

It turns out i'm eating peach-plum-chestnut-apricot-jujube (chinese date) pocky. interesting.

it's sort of fruity and nutty, but not at the same time. the flavors kind of take turns as you chew. I realize that I'm a stupid american, but this is far more complex than I expected any kind of pocky to be. It's worth a try if you're looking for something different.

also, I got a myojo that features a lot of exceedingly fine KAT-TUN. Not that they all weren't hot before, but ever since the YOU pv came out, i feel like their member-bi (should that be member-atsui? member-dokidoki? somebody stop me from making up words) has leveled up, especially Ueda and Nakamaru.

And also there is Y3 with the same instruments from Ima Susumou. Certainly my tension is raised.
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