August 2nd, 2007

no words for tendou

I Hiatus Worse Than Tabs

We are here! and alive! I am plugged into the wall for the internets, but otherwise doing okay.

except for the part where i can't hear anything out of my right ear. Hooray terrible eustacean tubes!

Why yes, Tendou caressing the Eiffel tower is indeed the closest thing I have to a travel icon.
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Lex Luthor Doesn't Have To Put Up With This

I always forget the fucking brush! Every other vacation, i go off, thinking i'm totally packed, when in truth i'm about as prepared for hair care as Lex Luthor!

son of a bitch.

If anybody at home stops by the apartment, can you see if the brush is laying around somewhere so I don't waste my time undoing and redoing my whole suitcase?
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Fic, Coat West, The Most Brilliant Idea

Title: The Most Brilliant Idea [Sho/Hikaru/Nagi]
Rating/Warnings: R for porn stars sharing a hotel room.
Summary: Sho's aircon is broken, Nagi only has shrimp-flavored yogurt, and Hikaru has the most brilliant idea ever.
AN: For bouncy, who is adorable and in my Prophecy room! and also for swtjemz, who really needs some Coconut Breeze promotional wallpapers.

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