August 12th, 2007

magic and tea

Doumo, Hentai-Kun Desu

Apparently the guy who wrote the upcoming Ya-Ya-Yah song also has a song on the next w-inds. album. Good interview, interesting stuff...

third w-inds. show = GOOD. same set list, more dorkery, tons of KeiRyu, and a fair bit of OT3. I think we're supposed to be writing a con report or something, but Tabs and Kenaressa are busy giggling at teensy w-inds. scans or something over there.

Meanwhile I wiki Ya-Ya-Yah...hey, but interesting fact: Taiyo is the tallest current member of Johnny's Entertainment, despite only being 16. Also, I'm really starting to be convinced that Reon is going to turn out prettier than Shoon, and I am terrified.

You know what w-inds. needs? Tour buses. Because then I could write tour bus fic. and we were saying earlier that there is not near enough w-inds. fic, right before Kenaressa sprayed me with a huge mouthful of lemon tea so that my shirt and pants had a pattern that could only be considered a fashion statement in Japan.

Ten second after that, the Hong Kong fans came over and wanted pictures of us...

(HKfen: "Can you say you love Ryuichi in Japanese?" Tabs/Kenaressa: "..." Mousie: "RYUICHI DAISUKI." HKfen: *crack up*

Respect my n1h0ng0 skillz, yo.)
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