August 13th, 2007


More Nihongo Lessons With Mousie

This morning I got up a little earlier than Tabs and Kenaressa, and since you can't turn on the bathroom lights without turning on the room lights, i went up to the open air bath on the roof by myself.

It was so relaxing! and there was nobody else there except a Japanese mother and her small daughter, who said good morning to me as I came in.

As we're sitting there, the hot water getting rid of the ache in my neck because i think my pillow is made of grapenuts, a bird on the tree next to us starts SHRIEKING, and the following conversation ensues...

Me: "Tori desu!" *points*
Mother: "Eh?" *looks up, then nudges daughter* "Mite, mite!"
Me: "Kirei da!" (ha HA)
Bird: *gets an eyeful of naked gaijin and flees*
Daughter: "Doko? Doko?"

And of course the only intelligible thing i can think to say is "Fly with NewS!"
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