August 17th, 2007


Arashi Around Pennsylvania

Holy crap! having failed to procure the 3-disc version of AAA in Japan, I just ordered it through Yesasia's ebay store last night. Bizarrely, the thing was the same price, but the shipping was more reasonable, plus i'd heard horror stories of Yesasia listing things on their website that weren't actually in stock but then taking months to tell people about it.

(as an aside, i continually type 'yesasian' instead of 'yesasia.' stupid freud.)

I already got shipping confirmation on it! o.O it's going to totally beat me home to Pennsylvania. Crazy, man, crazy.

in other news, swtjemz is taking me and konzatsu out to a San Francisco club, because we all know how mouses love the clubs...and then i will finish the fic that this is from:

"The coach did say we were supposed to use Japanese in our everyday situations…" Jaejoong snickered when Yunho poked him in the ribs.

"Unless your textbook is a bit different than mine," Yunho said, brushing his lips over Jaejoong's cheekbone, "I doubt it's going to have most of the words we need, Boo Jae."

"Hmm, that so?" Jaejoong purred, and then slid his hands down to cup Yunho's ass and murmured three sentences worth of Japanese that he had
definitely not learned from any textbook Yunho was in possession of.

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