August 26th, 2007

jin's english minute


konzatsu in particular, i want you to know that bloodybrilliant is trying to convince me over chat right now to write fic where Jin loses all of KAT-TUN's costumes in the airport, and then they have to mug stewardesses and end up creating their costumes out of the Korea Air uniforms, including the hair tie and scarves that stick out at 45° angles.

bloodybrilliant: "kat-tun's newest pv outfits! and HAIRSTYLES YAY"

Jin ties his jacket around his waist; Koki gets the headband with the bow. Kame definitely challenges people to duels by slapping them across the face with his blue, blue gloves.

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buchou love

Made Made Dane

I am completely pleased to be sitting on my couch, eating orange chicken, and watching the live action Prince of Tennis movie on my new multi-region, crazy format playing dvd player.

And not just because Momoshiro slaps Echizen on the ass within like two minutes of meeting him. (I actually really like the movie, not because I think it's genius story-telling or anything, just because i love all the little touches that make the characters that we love so much so recognizable. Like 2nd years yelling "ike ike ike seigaku~!")

(Or maybe because Atobe saunters up, goes "Yo, Tezuka!", grabs Tezuka's elbow, then tells Echizen "cute, aren't you?" in the space of thirty seconds.)

Regardless, the point of all that is that I am actually settled in the apartment. Sort of. I am a little "OH NOOOOOES" about school tomorrow, but can't be helped.

At the grocery store, I told the cashier which high school i worked at, and he was like "I'll pray for you."
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Goddamn I Love My Friends

Literally seconds after longleggedgit informs me that yes, she does want to be broken by boybands, musesfool has this to say:

Musesfool: theoden is so fucking badass! "ride! ride now! ride for ruin and the world's ending! DEATH! DEATH!" dude, i want to start my day like that
Mousapelli: you totally should.
Mu: hee, i'll get on the bus each morning and say that
Mo: *DIES*
Mu:and then i will be quickly walking to work every day
Mo: *lying on the floor laughing imagining this*
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