September 2nd, 2007


A J-poll about J-pop

I'm making some cds to have at work, and rather than burning any album in particular, i thought it might be better to just make a cd full of songs I really like by each group.

Also, I think my one co-worker (or recent under the desk fame) might be susceptible to j-pop, and am probably going to make her a mix cd for her to try in the car.

so help a brother out:

Poll #1049110 Recommend Me Some CD Options

What songs should go on the w-inds. cd?

What songs should go on the KAT-TUN cd?

What songs should go on the Arashi cd?

What songs should go on the DBSK cd?

What songs should go on the mix cd for the co-worker? (any band)

Any other suggestions? I will probably have a j-rock mix cd, since groups like ONE OK ROCK don't have a full album yet, and I only like a few Orange Range songs, etc.
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Run To Meet Tomorrow!


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I guess I'll keep working on it? Lol, i'm all self-conscious about it now~! BUT SO CUTE. Arashi, you have the best songs ever (except maybe Yorokobi no Uta).
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