September 10th, 2007


Johnny-san, If You Really Are Reading Me, Read This

i FINALLY got a look at the new Shounen Club so i could see Ya-Ya-Yah's new song, and even though i'm about to pass out from exhaustion, i just had to squee for a moment:

(excuse the weirdness of the single-cap faces)

THAT, my friends, is SHOON AND TAIYO, singing parts together and getting camera attention. They get the camera over and over during this live, i swear i saw more Taiyo during Baby Babe than I have in the last six months combined.

they're building up Shoon and Taiyo's personalities. I don't want to jinx it, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but guys, I really really think Y3 might be gearing up for a shot at a debut. Yabu's been a talent for so long, and Hikaru is so comfortable being the goofy MC, but far more telling is that Shoon and Taiyo are really starting to do things, to build up a presence, and in Taiyo's case, really starting to improve and gain confidence.

This live was long, it was fun, the boys looked good, the dancing was crisp, it was obviously choreographed to their talents (no making Taiyo scrunched all up!), it sounded the best I've heard Y3 sound as a group probably ever, but most importantly, they were having so much fun! Air Guitar *___________*

And they looked like a group, not just Yabu-and-Hikaru's-vehicle. OH, BOYS. MUST NOT HOPE. *tries to hide crossed fingers in pockets*
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