September 15th, 2007

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Make Me Hear Only Your Own Song

Happy Anniversary, Arashi!

I'm sure it wasn't easy growing up with millions of fans watching your every voicecrack, but seeing how you've turned out from where you started eight years ago sure fills me with almost as much love as how much you have for each other.

Here's hoping for eight more with just as much success! ♥
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Fic, Five Times Jin Was Smarter Than Gackt-chan

Title: Five Times Jin Was Smarter Than Gackt-chan [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: PG for unmitigated sap and Jin explaining things.
Summary: Gackt-chan doesn't always win. Sometimes.
AN: I won five consecutive games of Beer Pong, and you know that that means: I call up Jemz and demand a five things prompt, that's what!! and also no spellcheck.

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