September 17th, 2007

mouse doom

It's Not As Though I Expect Anything Better, Frankly

The modem came today, and as soon as I looked thoughtfully at the cheerful "You can do it yes you can!" self-install kit, i said "this is not going to work."

And it didn't, and I can tell you why: cause i don't already have comcast anything else.

Sure enough, I call them and say, you know you sent me this install kit and...and the lady was like "why on earth would they do that?" "I HAVE NO IDEA" is of course the answer. And also, in case you ever need to know this, you have to have SOME kind of tv to have comcast internet.

so now i am signed up for the "nobody really has cable this pathetic" cable plan, which is like $9 a month, and the guy is scheduled to do the magic, ie, unscrew the tiny piece of plastic inhibiting my cable.

For $30.

Two Fridays from now.

SASUGA COMCAST! Mata makemashita...
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