September 20th, 2007


Aishitelu~ Koko de Nemuretai

My copy of Ai no Kotodama came so i am about to crawl into bed and read and want the movie bad omg.

I should call people to sort business out about this weekend, but eh, too tired.

marksykins: i need to get directions from you to be where you are on Saturday and also we should probably talk about when I might want to be there. Cause i only know how long it takes from VT to there, not from PA.

rooneytunes: it probably would be smart to know exactly when you are showing up. and also, do you even know where i live now? I have to go to the store anyway for things, is there anything you want me to have on hand? soda or things?

musesfool: did marks talk to you about about meeting up? we are hitting up the Kino's i'm sure, so do you maybe want to meet us at Dean & Deluca's for coffee then? Or whatever.

swtjemz: um, what magazines are in my box again? I want to take a list so i don't rebuy anything like a complete tard. unlike those magazines you already rebought for me...POTATO.
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