September 23rd, 2007

no words for tendou

Chicken or Beef? TOSHIO.

We're back safe from NYC, after having coffee with musesfool and seeing the Teriyaki Boyz with marksykins. The NYC-Tokyo festival was a lot of fun! and the TBoyz were adorable and loads of fun in person. Marks and I both commented on how rap seems easier to understand than other music. The event wasn't packed because of the rain, but we had a great time.

Also, some random guys from Fuji TV were standing right behind us, and I ended up getting interviewed by them for a couple minutes about acts crossing the pacific, the turnout, what I thought about the show and the cultural fusion in general. I'm pretty sure I was at least passably intelligent.

But I knew the name Fuji TV sounded familiar and didn't know why? But when i just took a look at something I had tabbed from yesterday, I found the following quote:

""Fuji TV will air a special program for World Cup Volleyball at 15:20 on 24th. They're going to broadcast Jr's concert at Yokohama Arena live and announce the new group in it. The group will perform their debut song then."

AHA. I mean...shit. that's like...a Japanese tv station. So, I might be an internationally recognized tool if that happens to get aired. Er. have I mentioned I've been wearing a couple 5 yen coins on a string since I got back from Japan? and today a gap shirt that says TOKYO with a picture of Tokyo Tower on it?

greato. Oh Tendou, you express all my deepest feelings.
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oh noez jrz

Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Bound By The Red Thread

Title: Bound By The Red Thread [Fujigaya/Kitayama]
Rating/Warnings: R for possessive handjobs.
Summary: Fujigaya doesn't appreciate the interest Jin is showing in Kitayama.
AN: Based on the 9/2 Shounen Club where Jin sings Pinky, which is hotter than hell, and Kitayama spends the final song giggling at Jin's utter ineptitude. Omg, JE, leave my jr groups alone. For swtjemz because SHE LOVES HER THE JRS.

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