September 25th, 2007



I've digested a bit more about Hey!Say!Fiasco a bit more, and I finally felt up to watching the actual clip with the song and the dancing and the...the...*swallows*...the 12-year-old.

...but, Yabu was grinning like a moron. I can't hate something that makes Yabu and Hikaru so happy, something that might really do so much for their careers.

I feel...I dunno, confused mostly. I think I could like H!S!BEST, hell, I think i could love them (Inoo/Arioka! I've already written it!), if Ya-Ya-Yah continued as a group as well. The large group is too much, too many, but I would take it, under the same condition.

Oh, K8 fans. I ridiculed you and your dorky Kansai band, but is this what you felt like four years ago? Somehow, it makes things make a lot more sense. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Uchi.

Speaking of Kansai bands, there's a Kansai version of HeySay too? How weird. That, along with the news that the concert is still called "Johnny's Jrs" made me feel better. Both pieces of news came from the yayayah post which discussed the reaction of Japanese fans on the boards. The unity of their response with everyone i've talked to also made me feel better (Ya-Ya-yahを続けたい = I want Y3 to go on, the postcard campaign the j-boards are suggesting).

I want real news. Now. I want certainty! I'm so in the wrong fandom...
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